About Me

I’m a mostly self-taught photographer who enjoys shooting digital, mobile and occasionally film.

Developer / Photographer / Cyclist / Husband & Father-in-training

Hi I’m Chris and I live in Wolverhampton with my wonderful wife Melinda, and our baby daughter Elowyn. I work as a Developer at a creative agency and when I’m not there I’m having out with my best friends, yea you guessed it, my wife and my baby girl.

I’m struggling to motivate myself to get out and shoot outdoors lately with a lot of my time and energy, even creative energy, being directed to my family right now. I love taking photos of Elowyn though, I’m hoping she won’t mind her stupid dad always having a camera pointed at her as she grows up. She is definitely my favourite thing to photograph.

Occasionally I talk about riding bikes at Pedal Faster.

You can reach me on Twitter.

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I post current shots on this instagram account and also to my personal account.

Please drop by and check them out.